You Know You're Married to a Jock When ...

You know you're married to a jock when ...

  • he refers to intermission as "halftime."

  • you arrive at the hospital to deliver your first born and he brings along his catcher's mitt.

  • he paints regulation lines on the driveway around your basketball goal.

  • he buys a basketball goal from Academy, saws six feet of the pole off, drills a hole in the decking beside your pool, drops the basketball goal into it and concretes it in. None of that plastic poolside basketball for him. No siree. (And this monstrosity looks so nice next to my saga palm.)

  • he thinks reading is the epitome of being bored.

  • he's only read 15 books since 1986 (ten of those because he feels like he has to since his wife wrote them).

  • he thinks soap operas reflect the lowest form of our society.

  • he thinks romance novels are just one teeny-tiny step above soap operas.

Well, I'm sure you've figured out … I'm married to a jock. 

Now don't get me wrong. Jocks have their perks. They are hard workers, driven, passionate, great leaders, great providers, fiercely protective of their woman and offspring, and they come packaged very, very nicely. My sweetie-pie and I will be celebrating 32 years of marital bliss this December.

What about you? Are you married to a jock? Got any bullet points you could add?


Office Supply Enthusiast

I'm Deeanne Gist and I love office supplies.

I am absolutely fascinated with office supplies. Every aisle is a treat and the office furniture section is way too tempting for my own good. One my readers emailed me yesterday with a picture of her desk (which was a bit messy, but nothing like mine) and told me her secret to a clean desk was in using a small desk. Hmmm. Do I smell a trip to the office supply store??

I don't know if I could say for sure what my favorite aisle is. That's like asking what my favorite ice cream flavor is. They're all good! But I will confess to being a highlighter fanatic. I was perusing through Pinterest and found these! *Ohmygosh* how adorable!

So, what about you? Are you an office supply nut? What's your favorite aisle? Favorite item?

Dee Crashed Bachelorette Party

When the movie Mamma Mia had first come to the theaters, I went to it with my daughter. She was in college at the time. When Meryl Streep's character crashed her daughter's bachelorette party, I leaned over and asked my daughter if she'd like me to do that to her one day.

At first she looked horrified, then her eyes took on an amused challenge and she gave me a resounding, "Yes."

Years later, I remembered that (long after she'd forgotten the conversation) … and drove 240 miles to do totally surprise her. Just watch ...

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If Women Controlled the World...

Loved this email I received and had to share. It's what the sender thought the world would look like if women made all of the decisions. My grandmother always used to say, "What's all this east and west stuff? Can't they just say I-10 Right or I-10 Left?" LOL. ;-)

What would you do if you controlled the world?

Every Puppy Should Have A Boy

A dozen roses were brought to my door yesterday. They were from my husband. Imagine my surprise when I opened the card and discovered they were for the dog. It was Cowboy's 12th birthday and Greg sent one rose for every year of the dog's life. This is what the card said:

And thus, the negotiations began. I really wanted those roses. They were white, tinged with pink, and filled the room with a heavenly scent. Cowboy wanted breakfast in bed … my bed. That wasn't happening.

So I took him to the dog park. Played frisbee (which he loves because when I throw it one never knows which direction it will go). Then we went to the pet store. We walked up and down the aisles while I let him choose whichever treat he wanted. He chose SmartBones made with real peanut butter. After all, he's getting up in age and he said he wanted to be healthy and all.

Thing is, he wanted twelve of them--one for each rose. I told him that wasn't healthy. He insisted. Finally, we decided he could have twelve, but not in one sitting. The roses would last at least a week. Perhaps his peanut butter bones should, too.

Gotta love that man of mine, though. So adorable. *sigh* What's the most outrageous thing ever done for your pet?


All the Juicy DeeTales: A Stereoscope Demo

Some of you wanted to know more about a stereoscope the characters of *Maid to Match* saw at the mercantile. Learn how to use a stereoscope and get all the Juicy DeeTales!

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All the Juicy DeeTales: Meet the Pet!

Every Tuesday I take questions from YOU and give you *All the Juicy DeeTales*! This week, one of you asked to meet our four-legged baby.

I was all too happy to comply, but during the filming, I discovered that Cowboy was camera shy. Just watch ...

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Meet *2 Who Care* -- Actually 3

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They’re everywhere across the country: couples who are reaching out to others, striving to make a difference in their communities, to improve the lives of others, and I wanted to hear about them.  My goal: to award $1,000 to one such couple—to “2 Who Care.”

It all started when the leading couple in my latest release, Fair Play, saw a plethora of children playing leap frog, hide-and-seek, and run-sheep-run in filthy, rat-infested streets of the 19th Ward in 1893 Chicago. And instead of simply saying a quick “bless them,” they decided to build them a playground. Based on the first historic playground Chicago ever had—which ended up sparking an entire playground movement across the nation—Fair Play’s characters team up to do something small, which ended up being something big.

It made me wonder what couples were doing in our day and age. What kinds of things were they accomplishing? Who were they helping?

 I asked for your nominations, and then your vote. It is my honor to introduce to you the Giordanos from Virginia, winners of our 2 Who Care contest and recipients of the $1,000 Grant of Appreciation.

Mathias Giordano was a regular 12-year-old kid. Just like yours. Just like mine. He loved computer games. Helped his little brother with his homework. And played competitive soccer five days a week. Until a nagging pain in his right shin wouldn’t go away.

Two weeks later, he was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer. Cancer that had already spread to his lungs.

Within three months, Mathias’s leg was amputated below the knee. Within a year, he’d undergone chemo and two lung surgeries. A few weeks after finishing, a scan revealed the tumors were still growing and he needed another lung surgery.

He had the operation and started new chemo drugs, but they didn’t work. So this past Thanksgiving—sixteen months after his original diagnosis—he took a break and went to Hawaii with his family for his Make A Wish dream. And thanks to a contest run by John Hattingh and his Prosthetic Care Facility of Virginia, Mathias went to Hawaii with a brand new prosthesis, which allowed him to begin walking immediately.

This January, Mathias endured more clinical trials. They were unsuccessful. After that, fourteen rounds of radiation and another new chemo drug.

Yet through it all, the now 13-year-old seventh grader has remained in good spirits. He’s laughing. Smiling. And loves life.

As parents, Chris and Roya Giordano wanted to do anything and everything they could for their son. So when Mathias mentioned the nausea he experienced whenever he looked for hours on end at the neon-colored chemo IV bags, the murky platelet IV bags, and worse, the transfusion bags, his parents sprung into action.

Soliciting the help of a crafty friend, Mrs. Giordano made a smaller version of a pillowcase out of fun fabric. She draped it over the offensive IV bag, yet left an opening in the back so the nurses could access it.

Mathias loved it. So much so, that when he met a family in the waiting room whose daughter, Grace, had just been diagnosed, he immediately dug inside his mother’s purse and passed the girl a soccer-themed bag cover for her IV. She loved it, too.

Within weeks, the bag covers were in high demand. Mr. and Mrs. Giordano organized some friends to help them make up dozens upon dozens of bags out of Nemo® fabric, Sponge Bob® fabric, Hello Kitty® fabric, Spiderman® fabric, and just about any other fun fabric they could find. Mrs. Giordano even learned to sew just so she could contribute to the cause.

Word spread, and requests for Mathias Bags came in from New York, Philadelphia, Canada, Boston, Houston, and a number of other cities across the nation. They sewed and shipped the bags free of charge and posted the pattern online. In the corner of each was a Team Mathias logo.

The Giordanos contacted the IIIB’s Foundation—an organization that makes baskets for women who are diagnosed. Mathias Bags are now inside their baskets as well, and the women love them.

These bag covers are the reason the Giordanos were nominated for our 2 Who Care contest, and why you, our readers, voted them the winners of a $1,000 Grant of Appreciation.

“We feel so honored to have been chosen,” Mrs. Giordano said. “It’s been a blessing to be able to help others, but it is Mathias who inspired us.”

For it seems Mathias has a heart for others—just like he had for Grace. He met another kid his age at the treatment center, but the boy was alone since his mother was working and single.

As soon as Mathias returned home, he filled a moving box with toys, movies, and video games, then asked his mother to drive him back to the hospital.

He rolled in on his wheelchair and handed the boy the box of toys. “These are all for you. Stuff I had that I think you should have.”

Had Mathias performed a miracle, the boy could not have been more awed.

“No child can do it alone,” Mrs. Giordano said. “Kids from Mathias’s school have held bake sales and raised almost $500. The entire community has been great. Our mission in life is to let other parents and families know that kids get cancer too and no child can do it alone. We want to paint our city gold.”

As of June 18, 2014, some of Mathias’s tumors had shrunk, but there were also signs of new growth. There is another clinical trial in July that the Giordanos are hoping he will qualify for.

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. In honor of Mathias and all the children who are fighting this grueling disease, let’s help spread the word. Not only this coming September, but every month of the year.

To be a part of Team Mathias, go to For more information about Mathias Bags, go to Sylvia’s Stiches at

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